Conférence de Prof. Jason Neva au CRIUGM

Heure : 12h à 13h
Lieu : CRIUGM, Salle E1910
Adresse : 4545, Chemin Queen-Mary Montréal (Québec) H3W 1W4

Neuroplasticity, motor learning and exercise : implications in aging and rehabilitation

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Here, I will present my recent work on the neurophysiological mechanisms impacted by motor learning, aerobic exercise and plasticity-inducing repetitive brain stimulation. Particularly, the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation to measure and modulate cortical excitability and connectivity between brain regions will be highlighted. My findings will include healthy individuals across the lifespan, as well as people with stroke and those with Parkinson’s disease. Finally, I will discuss the implications of my findings for motor function maintenance in healthy aging and for rehabilitation of upper-limb function after stroke.