KinFérence : A sneak peek of the research in the memory lab : Are you a diver or a surfer?

Heure : 12h à 13h
Lieu : Cepsum, local 7251
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Avec Dr. Marc Roig

Associate Professor at the School of Physical Occupational Therapy in the Faculty of Medicine, McGill University. He directs the Memory and Motor Rehabilitation Laboratory (MEMORY-LAB), located at the Jewish Rehabilitation Hospital.

Résumé :

There are different ways to understand research. Some scientists are surfers, and some are divers.

Surfers stay on the surface to cover many research areas. They move fast and have the capacity to link many and very different ideas. They can see connections that others cannot see but they are also limited in how deep they can explore a specific research topic. The main critique against surfers is that they are ambitious wanderers that lack the humility to recognize the limitations of their shallow approach. You cannot be good at everything!

Divers, in contrast, prefer to focus on a smaller area of research. They tend to move slower but also go deeper. They sometimes lack the capacity to associate ideas that are very different, but they can gain an extensive knowledge about a very specific topic. The main critique against divers is that they can become so obsessed with their “one » idea that they can get lost in it. You are always researching the same thing!

In the memory laboratory we dream of being both surfers and divers.

In this presentation I will give you some examples of the research that we do in the laboratory. Our research tries to go from the mechanism to the human and includes studies on exercise, neurorehabilitation, memory, aging and sleep ( Individuals without disease but also patients with stroke and Parkinson’s disease are the participants of our trials.

Are you a diver or a surfer?