KinFérence avec Dre Heather Johnston

Heure : 12h à 13h
Lieu : Cepsum, local 7251
Prix : Gratuit $

Sujet : “Why do some people get injured, but others do not?” Biopsychosocial modifiers measurement of musculoskeletal function

Dr Heather Johnston is the Ralph McGinn Post Doctoral Fellow at the Institute for Work Health She holds a PhD in Kinesiology and Health Science, and Diploma in Health Psychology, from York University Using an interdisciplinary approach blending ergonomics, biomechanics, and psychology, Johnston’s goal is to reduce musculoskeletal disorders in Canadian workers She will present her previous, current, and future work in both laboratory and applied settings defining her two research subthemes
i) measuring musculoskeletal function
ii) exploring biopsychosocial modifiers of injury