KinFérence avec Prof. Julien Periard

Heure : 11h55 à 13h15
Lieu : Webdiffusion via Zoom

Sujet : La performance sportive en environnement chaud

BIO : Dr. Périard is a Research Professor at the University of Canberra Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (UCRISE). He is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney and former Head of Research Operations for the Athlete Health and Performance Research Centre at Aspetar, Qatar. His scientific expertise lies in the area of environmental physiology (i.e. heat and altitude) where he uses an integrative research approach to examine the physiological mechanisms that mediate health and performance.

Over the last decade Dr. Périard has studied the pathways via which fatigue develops during prolonged exercise in the heat, along with strategies to mitigate its influence. The focus of his current research is on developing extreme heat policies for safely conducting physical activity in hot environmental conditions. He is also developing a heat therapy intervention to enhance motor control in sarcopenic individuals in order to mitigate the risk of falls.

Dr. Périard is currently supervising 8 higher degree by research students in various phases of their Honours and PhD degrees, and has guided 2 PhD candidates to completion. He has worked with both amateur and professional athletes from various disciplines, along with National and International Federations (e.g. FIFA, IAAF, ITF, ITU and UCI). He has authored over 65 research publications and book chapters, including a textbook on Heat Stress in Sport and Exercise. He has also presented at more than 60 international conferences. Dr. Périard is an Associate Editor for Front Physiol and has served as Guest Editor for the Br J Sports Med and Scan J Sci Med Sport. His research has been recognised by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Exercise and Sports Science Australia, the Physiological Society, and the Society for Tennis Medicine and Science.