KinFérence : Sex differences in the neuro-vascular control of blood pressure

Heure : 12h à 13h
Lieu : Cepsum, local 7251
Prix : Gratuit $

by Dr Charlotte Usselman and Yasmine Coovadia (MSc, PhD candidate)

from the Cardiovascular Health and Autonomic Regulation Laboratory (CHARLab), Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, McGill University

Dr. Charlotte Usselman and PhD Candidate Yasmine Coovadia (M.Sc.) will explore the exciting and perplexing world of neuro-vascular regulation of blood pressure within the female body. We’ll discuss how everything you’ve learned about neuro-vascular control of blood pressure applies to males, but doesn’t seem to apply to females (or at least not all females)! We’ll address neuro-vascular control mechanisms at rest and during acute stress, and how the menstrual cycle affects these mechanisms in females.